Lazy Fashionista: How I (Finally) Organized My Wardrobe

Most of us are probably a little guilty of owning more clothes than we will ever wear.

I had a closet bursting with clothes, but felt like I had nothing when my favorite pieces were in the laundry.  I would claw through mounds of clothes, frantically looking for one shirt, ignoring the fact that I was buried alive in neglected clothes.  When I recognized the amount of unnecessary stress I had from choosing an outfit. I knew it was time for me to seriously clean out my wardrobe.  

I turned on my favorite playlist (80’s Pop) and went to work.



Although this may seem drastic, emptying out your closet is the best way to see how many clothes you have.  It didn’t take much time and I found forgotten clothes in the back of my closet. It was even therapeutic like I was cleaning out my life as well as my closet.  

Because I have a small room, I threw all of my clothes on my bed.  This ended up being a good idea because if my bed hadn’t been buried under piles of clothes, I probably would have just given up and taken a nap instead.





When I thinned out my closet, I ended up with three piles: keep, donate, and trash. I held up each item one at a time.  After I argued with myself for a while, I’d decide which pile it belonged to.

I found that with certain clothes, deciding  is mentally draining, so to simplify this process I created a Capsule Wardrobe Flowchart. This helps you decide what to do with the item so you’re not deciding solely on emotion, but also on practicality.




Put everything away so you can put the project behind you! I had a ton of clothes to sell, donate, or put in the trash.After doing this, I was able to focus on the clothes I was keeping. I put them back in my closet, organizing as I went.  I put a jacket that I use but didn’t like on a separate shelf, as a daily reminder to save money to replace it.

I finished putting all my clothes back sooner than I thought; mostly because I had significantly less than when I started.


Congratulations!! You’re all done the Capsule Wardrobe Transformation.  Now that you have a closet of clothes you love, you’ve undoubtedly found some extra space for clothes that actually deserve to be in your wardrobe.



I was unprepared for the feeling of delight after finishing this project.  Sure, I was a little relieved that it was finally over, but I was so excited to look in my closet and only see clothes I loved.

My life felt lighter and clearer once all of the unnecessary clothes were gone. I realized I would have to buy some more clothes, but now I knew which pieces I needed because I could see exactly what I had and didn’t have.