Monday Musings: Confessions of a Shopaholic

I don't remember why I buy half of the clothes that I have.  

When I look at the clothes in my closet, I see items that I have only worn once (including the time I wore them in the store).

This leads me to ask myself, "why did we buy so much stuff?"  At one time it made me happy but now I'm filled with guilt, shame and a little bit of anger.  I could've saved  the money and gone on vacation or donated it to a good cause, now it's just down the drain.

When I finally started to clean the mess, it felt like trying to chop down a mountain. I would pick up clothes and place them in my  donation bag, remembering the 'high' I felt when I first tried them on.  Why doesn't the feeling last?


Maybe it's because clothes can't truly solve problems.


I know it's a bold statement, and many would disagree. Yes, it's true that we need clothes, but how far is too far? How much do we depend on fashion to make us feel alive?  That begs the question. "why do we buy things?"  Do we buy things because we need them? Because we think our problems will go away? Our friends will think we're chic, and the boss will take us seriously?

 Next time you want to purchase something ask yourself why you need it.  Sure you may still buy it, but as time goes on it get's easier to realize what you need, what you want, and what is excessive.