Shampoo Soup, the new bath bomb!

Thanks to the cleaning bug that often comes during this time of year, I decided to get rid of all the half-empty bottles of shampoo in my cupboards.  If you're like me and collect buckets of shampoo this recipe is for you.

For those of you who don't, you can use can still get in on the fun and use dollar store shampoo. 


Items needed:

Shampoo (collect all your half empty bottles). 

Mason jar (or any container with a lid) 

Wooden Spoon 

Optional: Food coloring 



Step 1: Clean and prep your container.

Make sure all the labels are removed  from the outside of the jar, and wash out any residue.Use a paper towel to dry the inside. This way the shampoo doesn't get diluted by water.  However, don't worry about getting every single drop out of the jar it won't hurt if there is a little water left on the inside.





 02 | Pour in Shampoo

 This is the fun part. You can pour all the shampoo into your jar and watch the colors and textures swirl together.  Although it might look a little weird it will smell good!  If you have too much shampoo, you can just pour it into an extra jar if you have one. If you don't have extra jars, throw out the empty shampoo bottles and keep the full ones to refill your jar when it gets low.  

 If you want the shampoo to reach an even color you will have to stir, poke, and shake the shampoo until it reaches an even consistency. However, don't worry if you miss a couple spots. The swirls help give it character, especially in a glass jar.  




 03 | Stir Shampoo

If your shampoo already has color in it, or you don't want it to be colorful,  you can skip this step.  But if you want your shampoo to have a bit of color, add one or two drops to the shampoo. If you want to add a bow, name tag or other decorations feel free to let your creativity flow.

I added a bow because I loved how it went with the pink undertone of the shampoo. 



Et Voila! You are done. 

6 Great uses for the "soup."

1. Bathtub and bathroom cleaner. 

2. Body wash 

3. Add salt and you have body scrub. 

4. Shampoo? (Maybe you'll like it better after you re-mix it) 

5. Hand Soap 

6. Laundry detergent (use only a little) 

These are all great ways to turn trash into treasure!

If you find anymore uses let us know us about it! We would love to know how you create your own version of "soup".