Lazy Fashionista: Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I absolutely love capsule wardrobes!

They make getting dressed easy and fun. We recently shared a post about making a capsule wardrobe,  and with summer finally on us, we thought, what better way to begin the travel season than to create a capsule wardrobe!

 This cute wardrobe is very easy to create, fits into a carry-on and can be dressed up or down. 



01 | Pick a Color Scheme

The first thing to do is start with a color scheme. I decided to stick with a very simple pallet. Mixing together light blue, navy, blush and teal gives a solid balance between neutrals (blue, navy & blush) and brights (teal). 


02 | Pick Your Items

When picking items, it can be overwhelming to decide what to items you should pack and what to leave. One thing that always works for me is the rule of three. If you just stick to three to four of each item you'll have more than enough.  

As with any capsule wardrobe, you have to add your own sense of style, accessories are a great way to do this. They add individuality while making an outfit pop. 




Cardigan | Jean Jacket | Duster Jacket 

Since it's summer, most of the outwear should be light. A denim jacket and light cotton cardigan work well during the day, while a light jacket is a great for an evening out. 




Sunglasses | Watch | Backpack

Although these are my go-to accessories, feel free to add a simple necklace, rings or bangles. These items are small and super easy to pack but really help transform an outfit. You can even switch the backpack for a more traditional purse or satchel. 




Camisole | Stripe Crop TopBlouse | Cut Out Top

When picking tops it's good to stick to a simple design. This way they work well with whatever bottom you pair them with. You can stick with one color or incorporate the colors from your scheme.  




Floral Shorts | Navy Pencil Skirt | Ripped Denim Jeans

If you work with a very neural color pallet try to incorporate designs (like the ones shown in the shorts) to help break up the monochrome feel that sometimes plagues a simple wardrobe. 




Teal Chunky Heels | Black Canvas Sneakers

Comfortable canvas shoes and a chunky heel can help you transition your outfits from day to night. 




03 | Create Your Outfits!


You can mix and match your items to create outfits you can wear for almost any occasion. These items are not only easy to mix, but since they are lightweight they dry quickly when washed which means you can wash items at night and hang dry it for the next day.