Travel With Me: 10 Fun Layover Tips

Traveling is a great way to expand your horizons, but getting there can sometimes be exhausting. We've come up with a couple of tips on how to make the most of the sometimes inevitable layover.


1 | Make new friends

It's always fun to talk to new people and see different points of view. Who knows you just might make a lifelong friendship. 



2 | Take photos

If it’s your first time at a new airport, whip out your phone and take a couple of photos. Each airport is unique, and has it's own sense of style. There will definitely be things you might want to look at later.  



3 | Exercise

An airport can act as your own personal gym. Whether using the escalators as stair steppers, the walkway as a treadmill, or your carry-on as free weights, there are ways to stay in shape while waiting for your flight.  



4 | Find hidden treasures

 If you're traveling with friends or even alone, it can be fun to do a scavenger hunt and explore the airport. You can save this fun printable on your phone, or print it out and use it for your next layover.


5 | Go shopping

 Yes,  airports shops can be expensive. While there are some expensive shops, don't write every store off. Some stores have prices that are comparable to those outside. You can also buy last minute souvenirs if you forget to pick them up during your trip. 


6 | Support the arts.

 Whether it be an art exhibit, museum, live music, or even movies, many airports double as more than just a place where people come and go. Many airports have events going on in  more than one terminal. Don't be afraid to walk around and find these hidden treasures in the airport. 


7 | Go outside.

This is for the extra long layover. If you feel comfortable with public transit or calling a taxi, go out and explore the city! If you're worried about luggage, many hotels allow you to check a bag even if you're not a guest (just make sure to tip the clerk).


8 | People watch/eavesdrop

 I hate say it, but this is one of my favorite pastimes. Although this a great way to waste time, please avoid overtly staring at people. It's all fun and games until someone feels accosted by your eyes. 


9 | Read a book/ watch a movie

 If you have a tablet, laptop, or smartphone and a charging station, you're set. You will literally watch the hours fly by as you get caught up in your next book, or watch an adventure on your screen.


10 | Call a friend

Whether the friend is your mother, spouse, or best friend, it's great to talk to someone while you're transitioning between cities or countries. It helps you get in a great head space for the flight ahead!