Lazy Fashionista: one Skirt five ways

If you're like me, you always seem to run out of pants before any other item of clothes. 

The one item that I have in my closet that I can always count on to be clean is my black skirt. These skirts are a staple item for any wardrobe and you can dress it up or down for those days when you're trying to scape by. 

Keep reading to learn how to style a simple skirt to perfection!



1 | Monochrome It 

If In doubt, stick with a monochrome scheme. It's always classic, and you know it will work well together. One tip that I always suggest when using one color, is add an accent to break up the monochrome. This adds personality to an otherwise basic look. 

Color Scheme: All Black & Colored Accent (Yellow)


2 | Find a Theme 

A black skirt is the perfect base for any theme, it really allows you to work with a blank canvas while incorporating different textures and colors. I went with nautical & vintage theme below because they are timeless and can be executed with colors and clothes that fit your existing wardrobe and personality. 




3 | Dress it down

Even though it's a skirt, that doesn't mean you always have to wear heels with it. You can wear a cute crop top, t-shirt some shades and accessories. It's perfect for hot weather because the material is light and will keep you cool. 

Color Scheme: Teal & Coral

4 | Wear it to work

By adding a couple of strong pieces, and bold yet coordinating colors, you can dress it up for work while still maintaining a professional look. Add a jacket for an additional element, or keep it the way it is. Make it your own, and you will definitely see the heads turn when you walk down the street. 

Color Scheme: Green,Purple & Blush