Monday Musings: Little Boxes

There are people who play it safe, and there are those who make their own rules. 


I’ve always been the first type of person. Uncertainty scares me, the unknown scares me and breaking rules gives me anxiety which leads to always coloring in the lines. 

While rules are there for our protection and to keep us from hurting ourselves, there are some society puts in place to remind us to stay in line. Those rules are the ones that tell us to forget our dreams, that we aren’t successful, brave or fearless. 

They keep us in a box. They’re the reason we slap a label on our chests believe that's all we will amount to, it’s all we can achieve. While there is security in hiding in our box. There is also pain, doubt and defeat in them.

It’s easy for us to get lost in them. Behind the sea of bills and uncertainty we tuck the person we hope to be away, believing it’s only a dream. 

But what if it isn’t? 

What if that person, the real us, is just waiting to take the wrapping paper off of the box in which we reside. What if that person is everything we dream of and more? 

No matter which path you take, make sure that you’re willing to accept the consequences that ultimately come with either decision. 


At the end us the day we are just a summation of our choices. What will your choice be? 

Khadejia HuppComment