Reflections from A Camerican

Although I do vote, I've always been a little passive when election time rolls around.


As a US & Canadian citizen I know that if things get rough in either country, I can hop the border without worries. I hate to admit it, but the other night when people lost their minds and the Canadian immigration website crashed I laughed (it was a moment of insanity, I'm sorry).  


When the rioting and craziness began to happen I thought to myself,  "if things ever get rough here, I don't have to worry about struggling to establish myself, or getting a job." In fact,  I've got my Canadian passport in my nightstand, right next to it's American doppelgänger.


But then it hit me. That ideology is exactly why this country is so divided. We've only been looking out for ourselves. This complete lack of empathy for other people on both sides is crazy. The name calling, mansplaining, and the self-righteousness won't get us anywhere. 


Our obsession with being right has gotten in the way of us realizing, it doesn't matter who's right or wrong. Those arguments distract us from the real goal. Someone has to put the weapons down first, someone has to say, "I will do what's right for my children and my enemies children even if it kills me."


The sad thing is, we don't realize just how powerful we are when we come together. Those who truly hold the power are afraid of us  joining together despite our differences because it would literally turn the world on it's axis. For "When government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny." 


Don't waste your time fearing others, or putting your faith in leaders on either side who only tell you what you want to hear.Allow yourself to have faith in your fellow man. Yes there are many bent on destruction, but just as many who want peace. 


No matter who you supported, if we truly want change, we have to star supporting one another.