Monday Musings: Thanksgiving Needs Some Lovin’

Thanksgiving is definitely the overlooked middle child of holidays.

I feel pretty bad for it. I mean, think about it. Halloween is clearly the wild, dramatic baby of the family, always the life of the party. And Christmas exudes oldest child vibes as it brings the whole fam together and reminds them that “peace on earth” should be everyone’s priority. And then there’s Thanksgiving, the happy child who’s always eating and is really into football.

Everyone likes Thanksgiving of course, I mean who hates the kid who’s always offering you food? But still. We all know that Christmas always has to take the spotlight from Thanksgiving, and sometimes even Halloween. And we see the evidence everywhere: grocery stores, malls, people’s homes, even oh so beautiful Costco.

In society’s defense, it does get a little mundane when you’re only allowed to decorate with turkeys, pumpkins, and an assortment of leaves. But that is no excuse! Thanksgiving is a holiday. And it deserves its time in the spotlight.

For those of you who still aren’t moved by my sappy approach, I've listed three reasons why there should be no decking of halls until after Thanksgiving.

On a rando side note, I never really thought “deck the halls” sounded very nice. It seems more like a threat tbh. Like, tell me you wouldn’t be scared if someone yelled out “AYO BETTER WATCH OUT OR IMA DECK YOUR HALLS!” Ok, moving on…


Music: Christmas music is bae. Well, besides Santa Baby...that song paints a rather disturbing visual that I don’t wanna imagine. But in general, Christmas music does always seem to make things better. The only prob arises when people like my sister decide to listen to Jingle Bells (more like Jingle Hells No) in the middle of July.

Whatever happened to savoring the anticipation? So let’s just enjoy the fact that Thanksgiving has zero songs dedicated to it, which means we won’t be pressured into caroling or anything that might get in the way of what we want to do, which is eating copious amounts of food, obvi.


Presents: Thanksgiving is like Christmas 2.0: Same food but without the pressure to buy people stuff. While some people can’t enjoy themselves until they’ve bought all their Christmas presents in advance, I personally enjoy the thrill of running around in a panic 2 days before Christmas while trying to find literally anything my dad might vaguely enjoy.

So this holiday season, I encourage you to wait till Thanksgiving vacation is over to buy presents. December 23 might be a stressful time to go shopping, but it’s gotta beat getting trampled on Black Friday. Well, I wouldn’t know for certain, but it didn’t look like fun in The Lion King.


Decorations: Why set up your Christmas decorations now, while there’s still some life left in your pumpkins you carved for Halloween? True, ours are starting to mold, but that almost adds to the grunge aesthetic we were ~totally going for~. I just rotated ‘em a little so no one will be able to see the triangle I carved (carving pumpkins is a lot harder than I originally anticipated, and a triangle seemed to be the easiest shape to accomplish).


Also, please don’t put up mistletoe till like, December 24. Let us walk through doorways without the dread of being potentially kissed by distant relatives, for the love of God and all that is holy.