Faking It

I think the hardest thing to be in life, is yourself. 

Most days I wake up and I just want to go back to sleep. I dread the daily grind and I know it's inevitable but can't embrace it. At work, I often second guess myself. Some days, I just don't believe in what I'm supposed to do, or even what they see in me.

But the sad truth is, when I get home the same thing happens. I look at our blog and I think, do people really want to see this side of me? Do they even care? Instead of pushing forward and believing that my ideas are valid and worthy of being shared, I hide and try to imitate other people's ideas, values & goals. 

I spoke to Lauren the other day (the penguin to my panda) and we realized we've been gong about this all wrong. We constantly try to look at other blogs, websites & content creators and imitate them. 

Although it's great to have a template and direction of where to go, we can't keep becoming something we're not. At the end of the day we have to create something that inspires us, that makes us feel empowered and share that feeling with others. 

Sure, you might not see a tutorial about how to paint your dresser to match your polka dot room, or even how to arch your eyebrows for the gods. But what you will see, and what we promise to always share is our genuine truth. 

We promise not to fake it anymore, we promise to share things that inspire us, bring us passion, that make us feel enlightened and make a difference. 

We want to share in our journey, because knowing someones walking beside you makes it a lot easier. 

Yes, I don't always like being me, but when I learn to embrace it and love it, that's when I make true progress. 

What are some insecurities that you face on a regular basis? Let us know below we'd love to share with you!