Monday Musings: You are Enough

I'm not going to lie. 

Life has been a bit of a struggle. From starting a new job in a new city, to starting at a new school in a new city (yup lots of changes). I've definitely had my ups and downs and I'm still getting used to everything. 

The one thing that was hard for me to deal with was the constant fear that I wasn't doing things right at my job. The fear of letting other people down. I let that fear consume me and it drove me to act completely mad. 

In fact, one day I found myself crying at my job. (I'm not proud of this but I definitely hid underneath my desk for fear of people seeing me sobbing on my way to the restroom.) 

The truth is, no one prepares you for work, for feeling of inadequacy when you're used to being the best and you are suddenly placed in a room of people who can do it better, faster and with more finesse than you, it can be overwhelming. 

But you can't let struggles keep you from going after you goals. Whether they are work problems, academic, or financial. There will always be days that you wonder if your good enough. But if you're here, if you're breathing, you don't even need to ask that question.

You are worth it, your are good enough, and you deserve happiness even when you feel like you don't. Sometimes we love to criticize ourselves so much that we forget to love ourselves. I hope that as you embark on new adventures you remember to give yourself a chance.

Also, if you ever find your self crying in the bathroom (or under your desk) remember tomorrow is always another day. Don't be afraid to make the most of it :-)