Truth or Dare: Social Media Edition

Truth or dare has been one of my favorite games ever since I was introduced to it in the second grade.  

My friends would usually just opt for the “truth” option, but I was always the one dreaming up super ridiculous dares. 

Recently I’ve been thinking up some dares that one can do on social media.  Simply because my Facebook feed has become so predictable that I’d rather listen to my three-hour evening class lecture than be on my phone, and that just isn’t like me.


01 | Snapchat Dare

Our BFF is there to receive our ugliest snaps. They don't screenshot you at your worst, and they’ll probably snap back an even worse picture of themselves.  But why not take a walk on the wild side?

 Next time, send it to that person  you’ve been trying to impress.  Or to the wild card who screenshots random pics.  If you’re feeling brave, post it to your story. I’m pretty sure no one will care but you anyways.


Let your 'Ugly selfie' shine in this dare!

Let your 'Ugly selfie' shine in this dare!



02 | Instagram Dare

It's risky to like a photo that’s more than a few weeks old.  It an obvious  way to alert someone  (typically your crush) that you’ve been stalking them. The dare?  

Go for it! Double tap! Who knows, it could be a conversation starter.  Granted that conversation might start out by them saying “why were you 85 weeks deep on my Instagram at 2 am?" but at least you’re talking now.


Don't be afraid to Double Tap! 

Don't be afraid to Double Tap! 



03 | Facebook Dare


We’ve all witnessed the trail grandmothers and older relatives leave on Facebook. A comment on a 2011 grad pic here, a link shared to your wall there. I sometimes envy their ability to be uninhibited by internet protocol.  

 So why not follow in their footsteps?

 Like the picture of your friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s dog.  Comment “how is your sister?” on an unrelated picture  your old roommate was tagged in.  Don't be afraid to live on the edge! 


Disclaimer: Don't blame me if people unfollow/unfriend you after you do my suggestions. If they’re not willing to stick around and watch you get a little weird, they don’t deserve your friendship anyways.