Monday Musings: 3 Reasons Life Isn't A Romance Movie

Let me be clear,  in no way am I trying to sound whiny.   I’m just writing this because I watched a romantic comedy this weekend and had a few qualms with it.  


Since I'm trying out this new thing called not talking in movies, I saved my thoughts to present to you now.


Reason 1

In romance movies, sometimes there’s a part where the love interest calls the main chic, but she doesn’t answer the phone.  *GASP* this is a signal that she is in danger and needs to be found, or helped, or comforted.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m always relieved he rescues the girl, but in my life if I’m not answering my phone, it’s probably because I lost it.

Or it died. Or it fell between the bed and the wall and I’m too lazy to fish it out. Or all three.


Don't answer the phone



Reason 2

 The main two characters often make super intense “accidental” eye-contact ALL THE TIME.  Maybe they steal looks from across the room, or maybe they glance quickly to see if their love interest is still looking at them.  How do they do this?  It’s really hard for me to "make eyes" at someone while I’m on my way to class, running late, in the rain.


Super Intense eye contact




Reason 3

In romance movies, the main characters somehow always have free time. This allows them to date, go on adventures, and you know, actually interact with one another.  Where do they find the time?!

I’m pretty sure the last time I interacted with someone outside my jobs or my classes was…um…well I’m sure there was that one time.  In all it's definitely a lot harder to find time for people in real life. 


In real life it's a little difficult to find time to run in the fields.

In real life it's a little difficult to find time to run in the fields.





Thank you for putting up with my little rant. And who knows, maybe one day my future love story will inspire the greatest romance movie of all time.  But for right now, the only relationship I’ll be focusing on is between me and my senior outline… was that due a while ago?